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When Kyle Mace spoke at his fathers public memorial service in November, he revealed something very few people already knew: his father had bravely fought prostate cancer for the past five years.

And with this revelation came a call to action of sorts. In front of a crowd of people and rolling television cameras, Mace urged people to be proactive for their own health.

If you have not gotten checked yet anybody in this room, anybody watching at home, please go to a doctor and get checked because we would rather hear that you are healthy than have to go through what my father went through, Mace said.

Gregg Mace with his wife, Caroline, and his son, Kyle in 2004.

While sharing his memories of his father, Mace also embarked on a mission.

Ive had a couple of people say, Im going to get checked because of this now, Mace said while sitting down recently with ABC27 News. And I was like, OK. Mission accomplished already.

Gregg Maces son, Kyle, with abc27 anchor Ali Lanyon.

The test for prostate cancer is twofold. It involves a blood test, called a PSA, and a rectal exam.

Its not something thats pleasant, but its something that lasts a few ...

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