Thursday, January 23, 2020 06:24 AM


Scientists from Germany spoke about the main symptoms of prostate cancer. One of the main signs of the disease is change the color of urine.

Experts have studied more than 4 thousand case histories of different patients, suffering from cancer of the prostate. According to the obtained results it was possible to allocate the basic symptoms of the disease. According to scientists, the reason for the medical examination are problems when urinating. Painful sensation in the genital area and darker urine color can also indicate the development of cancer.

Scientists say that the pain in the form of a symptom may indicate a neglected disease. First, the disease manifests itself in weak urine flow, incomplete voiding, and frequent desire to go to the toilet and decrease sexual desire.

Changes in the prostate may be noticeable during sexual intercourse. Weak erection and the pain when excited, should be a signal for treatment to doctors. According to experts, it is better to do this in advance, as discomfort in the penile can talk about the spread of the cancer outside of the urinary system. Scientists also note that all the above symptoms can be related to less dangerous illnesses.

News source: GOOGLE NEWS

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