Monday, November 07, 2016 11:00 AM


Dalton Public Schools officials are considering building a facility that would ease crowding at Dalton High School by allowing students to "cycle through" different programs each day.

In a joint meeting of the Dalton Board of Education and the City Council Wednesday evening, officials with Washington, D.C.-based Link Strategic Partners, a consulting group that has been working with the school system, presented the two governing bodies and members of the public with a proposal for a facility downtown that could take Dalton High students off campus for part of the day for different programs.

"This is not a plan. This is not a development proposal," said Michael Akin, president of Link.


Rather, he said, the goal is to see if there is support for the idea and whether the school system could build partnerships with others in the community.

Superintendent Jim Hawkins noted that school officials have been working on the issue of overcrowding at Dalton High, which is at capacity, for four years. Officials had discussed a 6-12 grade school that would also address capacity issues at Dalton Middle School. But in the face of vocal opposition from the community, they dropped that plan last year.

Akin asked Mayor Dennis Mock if such a ...

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