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Nikki Shaw doesnt remember ever being bitten by a tick, but the Joplin woman said she was getting sick in July 2018.

There were times when my husband had to pick me up off the bathroom floor. I was so sick I couldnt walk, Shaw said. I was having muscle issues, just extreme fatigue, rashes, all of it. Finally, after several doctors and no one knew what was going on, I finally went to an allergist who was here locally and she said, 'I think you have this alpha-gal,' and we did the testing and it came back positive.

Wendy Rich, of Joplin, was diagnosed with alpha-gal syndrome earlier this year, and she said the impact has been dramatic.

It has changed every aspect of my life, Rich said. It started back in February. Id wake up every morning and look like I had Botox. Id go to work; I had these huge lips and we couldnt figure it out. I hadnt changed anything, but Id go to bed, Id wake up and Id be swollen. So I finally went to my doctor, and she referred me to an ear, nose and throat specialist and the ENT ran the test. It was ...

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