Wednesday, October 05, 2016 07:00 AM


Chalk up another win for Google Fiber in Nashville’s Metro Council.

The council voted on Tuesday to defeat legislationopposed by the company that would have shifted legal fees away from Metro government to internet providers during legal disputes involving the recently approved One Touch Make Ready ordinance.

The action came via voice vote in which an unclear number of council members could be heard supporting the measure.

The bill, which was proposed by At-large Councilman Bob Mendes, would have given companies that are attaching new lines to utility poles through the new law — Google Fiber, for example — a choice if a legal dispute was triggered by the owner of that pole: either indemnify and “hold harmless” Metro for legal costs or stop the work.

“The point of this ordinance is to add a provision to the One Touch Make Ready ordinance that would protect Metro from the cost, including legal fees of being drawn into litigation that's fundamentally between private parties,” said Mendes, who has criticized the newly passed ordinance.

"In this way, the new attacher makes its own informed decision about whether to go ahead with the 'Make Ready' work or not."

AT&T, which owns around 20 percent of the utility poles in Nashville,

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