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John* had an erection that hurt worse than anything he could recall in his lifeand it just wouldnt go away.

At first, the 55-year-old Florida resident figured his alprostadil, an injectable medication forerectile dysfunction[1](ED), was simply taking longer than usual to wear off.

So he popped some Tylenol to fight the pain while he waited for his erection to go away.

And he waitedand waited.

Seven hours later, the throbbing in his mid-shaft was only getting worseand his erectionstill remained. Still, he figured the erection and the pain would eventually go away on their own.But after 7 more hours, panicked by the severity of the painand the persistence of the erectionhe headed to the emergency room.

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There, doctors diagnosed him with priapism, the official term for a prolonged erection that lasts longer than 4 hours.

And while it may sound like a punch line, Johns 14-hour experience with priapism confirms that its no joke.

In fact, priapism can cause serious damage to ...

News source: Fox News

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