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Prostate is a small gland, present just beneath the urinary bladder in males and is responsible for production of the fluid portion of semen. Cancer in this small gland is one of the most common cancers in the United States of America. The detection of this cancer is increasing in India. The main risk factor for prostate cancer is age. Therefore, the older a person, the more are the chances of developing this type of cancer.

Signs And Symptoms

In early stages of prostate cancer can remain quite asymptomatic and may be detected during a routine health check. It can coexist or mimic the other common conditions affecting the prostate which is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The symptoms would include the following.

Increased frequency of passing urineDifficulty n passing urineSense of incomplete urinationBlood n urineClinical Examinations And Investigations

The most important clinical examination for prostate cancer is digital rectal examination. The doctor examines the prostate through the rectum using a gloved finger and lubricant. A hard nodule is felt in most cases of prostate cancer.

Serum PSA (prostate specific antigen) this tumour marker is found to be increased in the blood of patients with prostatic cancer. It can also be elevated in other conditions like ...

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