Monday, September 12, 2016 08:00 AM


UberEATS, Uber’s food delivery service, enters Nashville with an army of drivers in place and more than 100 restaurant partners, seeking to distinguish itself among competitors with its delivery speed.

Several food delivery service companies have established a Nashville presence in the past year, with Postmates, OrderUp and Favor among those building local customer bases. Uber officials say by directly partnering with restaurants, they are able to expedite the delivery process and, as a result, bring better food.

“This is generally a much faster experience,” said Peter Hsu, UberEATS regional general manager. “We have the largest driver network. Because we always have a driver around the corner, that’s just going to be a better experience.”

Whiskey Kitchen, Coco’s Italian Market and MAFIAoZA's are among Nashville restaurants joining with Uber. When a diner orders through the UberEATs app, the order shows up on the restaurant’s iPad and an Uber driver is dispatched minutes before the meal is ready. Uber sets a delivery radius of about three to five miles around each partner restaurant.

The expansion to Nashville, one of UberEATS’ 25 cities, marks a bigger play for Uber, known for its global ride-hailing service and for its aggressive fundraising, and a broader offering for ...

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