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Gallery: Coke bottling marks 120 years in Chattanooga +12 more photos "Inside every bottle of Coca-Cola throughout the world, there's a little bit of Chattanooga. Coca" Coca-Cola Bottling Co. United CEO John Sherman. As CEO of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. United, John Sherman heads the oldest and one of the biggest bottlers of Coca-Cola that supplies Coke products in the hometown of the world's biggest soft drink company in Atlanta. But even Sherman says he doesn't know the secret formula of the syrup used in make the Coca-Cola drink that has filled billions of bottles, cans and other containers since it was first bottled in Chattanooga 120 years ago this week. While the recipe remains secret and locked in a bank vault in Atlanta, Sherman told workers at the Chattanooga Coca-Cola bottling operations Monday that he believes they are the real vital ingredient in Coke's global success. "I actually know the secret formula and that is the people - those who work in this enterprise today and the ones in the past who we stand on the shoulders of those before them," Sherman said during a celebration Monday of the 120th anniversary of the bottling of Coca-Cola at Coke United's 3-year-old ...

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