Monday, August 29, 2016 12:15 AM


Each year, the College Board recognizes students who perform at a certain level on Advanced Placement exams. At Dalton High School, 69 students have been named AP Scholars for the 2015-16 school year.

"Rigorous courses are made available to any student at Dalton High School and we encourage students to take AP courses if they are interested," said Steve Bartoo, principal at DHS. "We had more AP Scholars this year than we did in 2015 and that makes me very proud. I commend these students and their teachers for their hard work and dedication to their education."

DHS offers 14 different AP subjects, including courses in English, economics, social studies, history, mathematics and science. Class sizes, on average, are between 25-30 students.

The students who received scores of three or higher on three or more AP exams are considered AP Scholars. Those students are Israel Agundis, Katherine Griffin, Roberto Ortiz, Rachel Akins, Luis Hernandez, Eric Perez, Georgia Bronson, Bowen Land, Meg Phinney, Taya Cochran, Kim Le, Antonio Ponce, Jose Cortes, Sean Lee, Parker Putnam, Matthew Davison, Tania Lopez, Leah Shelton, Rafael Duchesne, Miroslava Lopez Luna, Ansley Simmons, Madison Esters, Elle Lyles, Caden Stokes, Gaby Fernandez, Jasmine Mears, Vinny Vega, Cenovio Fraire, Nathan ...

News source: Dalton Daily News

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