Tuesday, August 02, 2016 10:15 PM


Our teachers never really leave us, says Deborah Norville, a Dalton native and anchor of the TV news show Inside Edition.

Norville spoke Tuesday morning at the trade center as part of the convocation for the kickoff of Dalton Public Schools new school year, which starts Monday for students.

You will be a part of your students lives for the rest of their lives, said Norville, herself a product of Dalton Public Schools, to the teachers in the audience.

The education you provide to your students is absolutely a door to freedom for them, she said. It is noble work that you do.

Norville said her own personal magician was Louise Eddis, a teacher at Brookwood School. She said she would constantly raise her hand and ask questions in class. Eddis would tell her shed asked a very good question, then tell her to go to the library, research the question and come back with a report for the entire class.

It took me about three or four reports to realize that what I was doing was interrupting a lecture in which she would eventually answer the question, Norville said. But what she didnt know, and what I didnt know, was that she gave ...

News source: Dalton Daily News

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