Tuesday, May 28, 2019 12:47 PM


Nature has set up an immune system in living organisms that fight any of the foreign invaders attacking the body. However, there are some cases where this respective system overreacts to something its exposed to. In such a case, an individual develops an allergy. It is one of the most common chronic illnesses in Europe. Moreover, up to 20% of patients[1]with allergies struggle daily with the fear of a possibleasthma attack, anaphylactic shock, or even death from an allergic reaction.

The most dangerous and extreme kind of allergic reaction is called anaphylaxis. It causes swelling of lips and tongue, breathing problems, collapse, etc. Surprisingly, it is on the rise since the past couple of decades. The number of hospitalizations caused by anaphylaxishas increased six-fold[2] and it is responsible for about 20 deaths a year in the UK.

Experts cannot pinpoint a specific element behind this rise of allergies or allergic reactions. However, they suggest that a combination of modern lifestyle factors may be the possible driving force behind the condition. These factors may include exposure or a lack of ...

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