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All four year seasons are amazing, and they offer quite different experiences that are enjoyable. We have snow in winter, that cool sweater-weather in fall, those amazing warm days in summer and last but not least, we have spring. Why arent we mentioning what spring has to offer? Well, it offers something that not many people are happy about.

As beautiful as spring might be with all the flowers and trees blooming, pollen is also present wherever we go. And some people are allergic to it[1]. By exposing yourself to pollen, you get all kinds of symptoms. They can vary from person to person, and some are not as allergic as others. But those that are extremely sensitive to it can start experiencing intense symptoms such as non-stop coughing, sneezing, teary eyes and even a severe nosebleed. That doesnt sound good at all, especially not if youre the one experiencing it. So, we decided to put together a quick guide that will potentially help you keep your allergies under control. Without any further ado, lets start.

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Tips for keeping your allergy under control

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