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Tears serve various crucial roles in our body. They are an important component of the immune system and protect us against infection.

Generally, our bodies produce tears to keep eyes lubricated and to help remove foreign bodies and dust. But when the tear drainage is affected or the body produces too many tears, the result is extremely watery eyes. Though not certainly harmful, watery eyes can be bothersome and irritating. But, they can generally be treated rapidly and effectively.

Watering eyes are a common problem which can occur at any age, largely affecting older people and young babies. Generally, it can occur in one or both eyes. It can be due to several factors and conditions.

Its most common cause is blocked tear duct but there are many other causes. Allergies or viral infections, as well as any kind of inflammation, may cause watery eyes. Sometimes, excess tear production may also cause watery eyes. If symptoms are mild, you may not need any treatment. An operation can generally cure a blocked tear duct but other treatments depend on the cause.

Overactive tear ducts

A small gland called the lacrimal gland is present just above and to the outer side of each eye. This makes some ...

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