Thursday, March 07, 2019 09:41 AM


From automating and speeding up the process of designing new models of cars to enabling cars to drive themselves, digital transformation in the automotive industry is redefining the way vehicles are conceived, assembled, and operated.

From carts and carriages pulled by animals in the ancient ages to vehicles that automatically drive themselves today, the way we traverse over land has seen a massive transformation, to say the least. Cars, since their invention just about two centuries ago has gone from being an innovative marvel to a luxury, now, have become a necessity for most people. The automotive industry, pioneered by stalwarts like Ford and Benz, has seen a steady growth in the decades leading to today, but the evolution of the industry in the pre-digital era is nothing compared to the rapid transformation it is presently undergoing. The past decade has seen the pervasion of every conceivable digital technology into the process of making or driving a motor vehicle. Be it artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things, or blockchain, every form of digital technology is converging in the automobile industry. The digital transformation in the automotive industry is poised to transform not just the way cars are driven, ...

News source: GOOGLE NEWS

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