Websites that Work

Website Design

Your company website is the direct face of your business online. When customers want to know more about you, your website is the first place they look, so it needs to be easy to navigate, have a modern sensibility, and implement targeted messaging. We specialize in creating customized website design, so everything from color scheme, content, layout and design will be tailored and implemented to meet your goals. We have the broad experience and expertise to create a beautifully polished and functional website for your business.

E-Commerce Enabling

Online stores are excellent venues for generating business. We consider most e-commerce stores to be an assistant to your real world store. When customers can browse at their own pace online, it makes it easier to shop and there is less pressure to purchase. With an online store you will be able to reach a wider audience at a relatively low cost, and we can set it up so you can showcase and sell your inventory.

Mobile Sites

A good mobile site can increase your site's effectiveness for a mobile user dramatically. Remember, an existing or potential customer visiting your site from their mobile device is probably on the go. So your site needs to load FAST, be very streamlined and simple, and allow the user to quickly load the information he/she is searching for. Nováre will create you fast, thumb friendly mobile site that delivers instant information for your visitors.