Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Media Planning

We will explore the current media and work to develop a plan to get your product or service in the best possible positioning. We will discover the best media outlets for your product and make sure those channels are being used to saturate the market. It's important to develop a strategic plan for all marketing placement, and we can come up with the best media solutions for your needs.

SEO Strategy Development

Having your company show up in as many search engines as possible with a high ranking is the main objective of search engine optimization. The more searchable you are, the higher the number of consumers to your company website, thus leading to more business. To do this, we study and improve your keyword usage on your website, and incorporate your website link on as many outside sources as possible to drive traffic, and increase your ranking. We'll improve metadata, links, URLs, and content sharing with related sites to ensure that your organic search engine ranking is optimized.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

This marketing is a highly targeted form of paid advertising that connects your business with the consumers that are already seeking services like yours. Pay-per-click marketing is an effective tool for building your client base and online visibility because it uses search engine capabilities to your advantage and easily connects consumers directly to your website. By using targeted keywords, we can construct the best system of ad delivery on search engine websites.

Social and Interactive Marketing

We work to support a wide range of social and interactive design projects. Marketing and PR has shifted into a real-time news world, where news breaks over minutes, not days. Companies who react quickly and engage the market in meaningful conversations as things unfold gain the most attention. We stay on top of the market news and incorporate your company into the conversation. We will use social media, blogs, and other social platforms to get people talking about your business.