Email Marketing

A digital version of "direct-mail" marketing allows for advanced customization and creativity, easier monitoring, and lightning fast distribution all while saving money by avoiding printing costs. We use multi-faceted, email marketing software which offers a range of customizable features. The automated email marketing software also has the capability to import your email contacts and provide comprehensive campaign analytics.


Stay on your customers' minds with regular e-newsletters. You can share updates, company news and unique content. Novare will work with you to create these newsletters on whatever basis you choose. This is a perfect way to invite customers to learn more about your company and build interest in your services.

Special Offers

Customers who sign up and take the time to read your e-blasts should be rewarded. These dedicated customers can be treated to special, exclusive offers, or even personalized gifts like birthday certificates, sent directly to them.

Product Updates

Keep your customers in the loop concerning on all the new products and merchandise you have available. Updates like these build trust and renewed interest in your company.
These are only a few of the ways e-marketing can improve the way you communicate with your customers and generate more web traffic to your site. Novare can set up an email marketing campaign today so that you can start seeing the benefits tomorrow.
Social networking and email marketing are both equally important to maximizing your marketing potential.