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What is Prostate Enlargement?

Prostate is a male sex gland about the size of a horse chestnut. It is made up of a cluster of little glands which surround the urethra at the point where it leaves the bladder. During the long years of life, harmless nodules develop in the tissues. These accumulate and gradually enlarge the gland.

When exactly the problem arises?

The problem arises only when the gland gets so large that it interferes with the- urethra. As the gland enlarges, it narrows the diameter of the urethra and impedes the flow of urine.

What are the causes of Prostate Enlargement?

It is considered as a normal condition among many men who are 80 or above. If we ask for an exact cause, so the answer is only one word unknown because changes in male sex hormones that come with aging may be a factor. Other factor can also include any family history of prostate problems or any abnormalities with your testicles.

Symptoms of Prostate Enlargement

It may be difficult to stop urinating once the process is started.The stream is narrower and less powerful than before.There may be a tendency to dribble urine.After urinating, one still has a feeling of incomplete evacuation.Straining may cause some ...

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