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Nearly half of all British adults do not have regular eye tests - as conditions such as diabetic eye disorder and glaucoma are on the rise.That is according to a recent survey which found 44% neglect to visit an optician at least once every two years.Dr Dan Lindfield is a consultant opthalmologist based in Guildford: "We're quite used to having mobile phone contracts expire in 12 months and updating them, and maybe seeing a dentist every year, but we're aren't very good at checking our eyes."There's the lack of awareness that people should be having an eye test every year - or at least every 18 months - to check their eye health."We tend to wait until we have a problem to then get things sorted."

He said opticians can diagnose more than just sight problems: "Mostly, the things that we can detect before you know about them yourselves are glaucoma and raised eye pressure that have no symptoms."They are found on an eye test long before they bother people day to day."And the same with diabetes - you can find you're diabetic with regard to an eye test before your doctor can find it on a blood test."

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