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Rays of sunlight stream through the Mayton Inn’s oversized windows, reflecting off the periwinkle walls.

A large king-sized bed and plush mint green chairs offer a tastefully decorated environment for hotel guests to relax.

The $14.5 million Mayton Inn – the first boutique hotel in Cary – will soon open on the corner of South Academy and East Park streets. The hotel will bring more visitors to downtown Cary and represents a key step forward in the downtown’s revitalization.

Owners Colin and Deanna Crossman said they hope to open the four-story, 55,000-square-foot hotel Jan. 30.

“We absolutely love to be putting it here in Cary, where we have a quickly growing population,” Colin Crossman said Tuesday.

But during a media preview, tools and paint cans covered the floors, signifying the amount of work that remains ahead of construction crews, which includes installing lighting, painting and setting up the bar and dining areas.

Upon completion, the Georgian-style hotel will have 33 standard rooms and 11 deluxe suites starting at $200 per night. It will be a four-diamond hotel like the Crossmans’ other establishment, The King’s Daughters Inn in Durham, and will employ 60 to 75 people, most of whom will be hired within the first two years.

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