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The Hamilton County Business Development Center incubates a variety of businesses, including manufacturers. (Photo: Staff)

Engineering.com featured Chattanoogas manufacturing, economic development and startup scene.

The Aug. 22 article[1], quotes the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerces Charles Wood, who discusses the citys transformation in the past 10 years.

Writer Ian Wright describes Chattanooga as a city of contrasts.

The city boasts a population of nearly 200,000 and yet somehow manages to preserve the feeling of being in a small town, he wrote.

He mentions the areas 16-county region, which is promoted by the Greater Chattanooga Economic Partnership.

EPB and the citys high-speed internet get a mention, and businesses, such asVolkswagen,Fillauer andT.J. Snow Co., Inc.[2]are included in the write-up.

The article also highlights the Hamilton County Business Development Center and some of the businesses located there, such as Branch Technology, Collider, CPRWrap and E&G Associates.

Check it out.[3]

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