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Wake County commissioners and the school board have formally approved an agreement that will keep the Athens Drive Community Library open.

The library, which is located inside Athens Drive High School in west Raleigh, was set to close this summer after Wake school officials said they were taking on too much responsibility for what was supposed to be a county operation.

Under the approved agreement, Athens Drive Community Library will be open for extended hours, and the county will pay for more staffing and security updates.

In July, Wake schools attorney Benita Jones told the county in a memo that the school system was taking on too much financial responsibility for paying library staff. The county was not paying the staff on par with what Wake County schools librarians made, so the district was paying the difference, the memo said.

At their meeting Monday, commissioners approved two full-time librarians and two part-time librarian assistants for the Athens Drive library. Those positions include a library branch manager, which will free the school system from running the library’s day-to-day operations.

The county will also provide a security guard.

New staff will cost $189,000, according to the agreement. Wake County will pay for all of it, and the ...

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