Wednesday, July 29, 2015 02:00 PM


When the news about Kelby Brown’s fourth ACL tear came out this month, the universal reaction was one of sadness.

But Duke football coach David Cutcliffe said he has come to see it as an inspiration.

“It was more inspirational, in the end, than I ever dreamed it could have been,” Cutcliffe said.

Cutcliffe first found out about Brown’s injury via text, and he was out of town and didn’t see it on his phone right away.

“Our trainer texted me and said, ‘Kelby hurt his knee. I don’t know yet to what degree. I’m concerned that he has torn it again,” Cutcliffe said. “As soon as I got it, I called. And by that time things were moving fast. We got him into an MRI that afternoon and got the confirmation. By that time I had been on the phone with Kelby, been on the phone with his parents.

“At first, there was hope that maybe, just maybe, it was partial. Maybe the MRI or the examination would provide hope.”

But by the next day, that hope had been extinguished, and Brown’s career was over. A right ACL tear had cost him the 2012 season. Now his left one would keep him ...

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