Wednesday, July 18, 2018 11:41 AM


Grace Frank Group is leading the way with NextGen homebuilding

Sustaining our environments resources is something we should all be interested in, not tomorrow or next week, but now. Whether thats doing your part by recycling, adding solar panels to your home, or shrinking your carbon footprint, our earth will thank you for your service towards its future - and so will your wallet.

Chattanooga has progressively done more and more to encourage sustainability and one individual at the helm of such progress is Grace Frank, MBA, a sustainability-focused realtor and chairman of the board for green|spaces, a non-profit organization focused on the sustainability of living, working, and building in Chattanooga.

Im an expert on downtown real estate, but the twist is that I have a serious passion for sustainability and ensuring that I practice what I preach, says Frank, her eyes lighting up as she begins to discuss her organic farm.

We have solar panels, rainwater collection, a passive solar greenhouse where we raise vegetables with hydroponics, raise organic eggs, and were working to bring back the Red Wattle, a nearly extinct pig that produces the leanest meat back to the market.

Tying her passion for sustainability into her realty business is something ...

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