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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. - North Carolina’s life science sector grew four times faster than that of the rest of the nation over the last decade.

Even so, a study of the state’s industry says the best is yet to come, as the state builds on its “SuperScieNCe” – its prodigious research and innovation strengths in such growing markets as medicine, agriculture, biomanufacturing and health informatics.

Some of the state’s SuperScieNCe assets are being unfurled to the world at the BIO 2015 convention, a global event for biotechnologists and those interested in the field, running June 15 through 18 this year at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Talks by state bioscience leaders, investment meetings and other events are held at the BIO convention each year in the “one-stop shop” of the North Carolina Pavilion, organized by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center with funding support by businesses, educational institutions and other entities that populate the state’s $73 billion-a-year infusion to North Carolina's economy

Life science companies and institutions in North Carolina generate $73 billion in economic activity and account for 228,259 direct and indirect jobs. And while employment in the nation’s life science industry rose by 7.4 percent from 2001 to 2012, North Carolina’s ...

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