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Bolaji Oyejide was not a social butterfly growing up, but reading comic books inspired him to have confidence in his own talents. Now, hes working to pass on that lesson through a series of adventure stories about uncommon superheroes.

Called Brave Young Heroes, the books feature underdog kids who overcome conditions such as autism, anxiety, asthma, dyslexia, homelessness and obesity. Oyejide, who lives in Raleigh, has written roughly 50 books over the past seven years and self-publishes them through Amazon. He estimates that hes reached about 200,000 elementary and middle school-age kids.

They all feature kid superheroes that have to overcome some adversity that makes them feel less than, Oyejide said.

Growing up in Nigeria, Oyejide was shy and introverted, and he felt isolated from his more-outgoing peers.

But he gained confidence through reading Spider-Man comic books. Peter Parker was an awkward kid, too. The boys who picked on Peter were the ones he was saving after school as Spider-Man.

That spoke to me because it said, I don't know what my superpower is, but there is hope that one day I will also be able to go out and make a difference, Oyejide said.

When Oyejide became ...

News source: News & Observer

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