Tuesday, March 13, 2018 10:31 AM


Kendall Thomas knows firsthand the steep physical price that elite athletes too often pay.

A goalkeeper for the womens soccer team at Davidson College, she has endured three major knee injuries during her soccer career and watched many teammates suffer concussions, which are prevalent in the sport.

Her experiences have fueled Thomas passion for helping athletes prevent injuries. Last summer, she got a chance to do something about it, while also delving into another of her passions numbers.

Thomas, a junior math and computer science major at Davidson, and her classmate George Baldini, a computer science major who is also a manager of the Davidson mens basketball team, interned with Athlete Intelligence, a Seattle-based sports technology and analytics company.

Thomas and Baldini were given reams of data collected from thousands of high school and college football players across the country who wore sensors developed by Athlete Intelligence. The devices collected biometric data and information about hits to the head. The two students mission: probing that data for coachable insights that sports programs can use to keep their athletes safer.

Their opportunity came courtesy of their Davidson math professor Tim Chartier, who has developed a national reputation for his ...

News source: News & Observer

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