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Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - by Jay Bell, president, Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga

Whether youre looking to buy a new home, thinking about renovating your current one, or youre just interested in whats new in home design, here are some the biggest trends that youll see dominating in 2018.

Open but defined floor plans. Instead of one large, undefined space, open floor plans will evolve to include more definition in 2018, whether its by shifting materials, adding columns, or changing the ceiling height.

This way, you can still get the airiness of an open floor plan while giving each section its own definition and style.

More developed regional styles. In both single-family and multifamily projects, strong regional styles have emerged all over the country. For example, in Michigan, expect to see lots of familiar peaked roofs, layered facades, and sturdy columns.

Restored and repurposed. Historic preservation and restoration, as well as adaptive reuse projects, are becoming increasingly popular with multifamily designers and developers. Adaptive reuse projects are particularly sought-after by millennials who love the story behind a repurposed building and want to live somewhere stylish, unique and chic.

Right-sized kitchens. Leave massive kitchen islands in 2017. Youll be ...

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