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Some people have one or two spots. Others have dozens across their chest and back. The sheer number of lesions can be depressing, said Victor Neel, the director of dermatologic surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, adding that he has heard people say they havent taken off their shirt at the beach in 25 years.

Before Eskata, dermatologists could freeze lesions or use a laser or scalpel to remove them, but the procedures could be painful and patients didnt necessarily want to risk potential scarring for a cosmetic annoyance.

Heres how Eskata works: After a dermatologist has determined a spot is not cancer, a staff person (not necessarily a doctor) delicately applies the highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide liquid to each lesion four times, roughly a minute apart. The idea is to moisten the lesion to dissolve it, while avoiding damaging surrounding skin.

Noelle Galperin, a 49-year-old strategy consultant in Miami who participated in a clinical trial at Leslie Baumanns office, said she felt a tingling, almost burning, sensation. Later, scabs formed on her lesions, and she wore an adhesive bandage for a few weeks to hide the ...

News source: The New York Times

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