Monday, January 15, 2018 04:33 PM


Wake County might build a public health campus in east Raleigh in hopes of making it easier for a growing number of residents to gain access to health care, food assistance, job opportunities and affordable housing.

County staff last week presented a master plan to overhaul the facilities of the human services department, including the creation of a campus hub at the corner of Falstaff and Swinburne roads near WakeMed Hospital.

The $61 million project would eliminate the need for residents seeking multiple services to make the 18-minute walk from the public health building on Sunnybrook Road to the human services building on Swinburne.

We want services to move through the facility, not the client, said John de Haro, a project manager with Wake County. The current public health building on Sunnybrook, its an aged building with very high facilities cost. It would be very hard to apply our workplace transformations to that space.

A comprehensive look at human services is overdue, said Mark Forestieri, Wakes director of facilities, design and construction. The county already has master plans for food security, affordable housing, justice, libraries and greenways, but not human services.

With a budget this year ...

News source: News & Observer

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