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Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - by Mike Croxall, president, Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga

Creating dedicated areas within your home where your pet can eat, sleep and bathe tells them they are just as much a member of the family as everyone else. A built-in eating area beneath the kitchen counter, a custom napping nook under the stairs, or a washing station in the mud room are popular home improvements that can enhance your pets comfort as well as your homes value.

But embarking on such remodeling projects even small ones like these can cause anxiety for many pets due to the increased noise levels and the unfamiliar faces in the home. That kind of stress can be avoided if you take certain steps to prepare your pet before work gets underway.

To help keep your pet calm and safe during a home remodel, consider the following:

Before the Project

Prepare your pet as far in advance as possible by gradually minimizing the amount of time they spend in the soon-to-be project area. Especially if it is a space where they frequently like to eat or sleep, establish a different space within your home where they can temporarily do those ...

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