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The Chattanooga City Council passed the proposed changes to stormwater regulations on final reading and renamed a downtown street at its most recent meeting. (Photo: Staff)

On Tuesday night, Chattanooga City Council members finalized their votes on proposed stormwater regulations, which ignited debate within the community in previous weeks, and renamed a downtown street to honor a local civil rights activist.

Stormwater regulationsDuring last weeks meeting, the City Council made the first move toward approving proposed changes[1] to the citys stormwater stay-on-volume regulations by passing the ordinance on a first reading. During the councils most recent meeting, members passed the ordinance on a final reading with a 90 vote.

The ordinance proposes changing the current SOV regulation from the first 1.6 inches of rainfall to the first 1 inch.

Currently, the 1.6 inches only applies to new, impervious surfaces.

One-inch SOV is also the state standard for this kind of regulation because the untouched ground is able to filter water at this rate naturally.

Now, the Department of Public Works will begin looking into how this regulation change might affect the citys compliance with Environmental Protection Agency regulations and if any measures need ...

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