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Green Builder Magazine featured Chattanooga nonprofit GreenSpaces. (Screenshot: Contributed)

Green Builder Magazine featured the work of Chattanooga nonprofit GreenSpaces.

The featured article, titled Sealed in Bliss, begins:

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, a small nonprofit asked a simple question: Why arent zero-energy healthy homes the norm for new homes in our market?

The answer from builders: Because people arent asking for them.

The answer from buyers: Because builders arent building them, or I cant afford the upgrades.

The spread covers how GreenSpaces aimed to solve this issue by creating spec-built, zero-energy homes through itsNextgen Homesinitiative.

The initiative began in 2014 with a design competition aimed at raising awareness about net-zero energy construction.

Click here[1] for more background and here[2] to see the Green Builder Magazine article.

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