Tuesday, October 24, 2017 12:54 PM


(Reuters Health) - Roughly half of adult women may experience urinary incontinence, but few of them get diagnosed and treated despite a wide range of options to address the problem, doctors say.

Women are particularly prone to stress urinary incontinence, when the pelvic floor muscles are too weak to support the bladder. As a result, urine leaks during coughing, sneezing or exercise. Childbirth is a common reason for weak pelvic muscles, and obesity worsens the problem.

Urge incontinence, in contrast, doesnt have a clear cause, although it can sometimes happen due to neurological problems, the authors note.

Some women may get both types of incontinence at once or develop bladder problems due to a urinary tract infection.

Only about one in four women with urinary incontinence seek care, and then less than half of these patients receive treatment, doctors note in a review of available therapies published in JAMA online October 24.

There are several barriers - the most important thing being women are embarrassed so they cope and dont say anything, said senior author of the review Dr. Linda Brubaker of the University of California San Diego.

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News source: Reuters

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