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Here are top-paid employees at the city of Chattanooga:

Bean, Russell J City Judge $172,737.00 Paty, Sherry B City Judge $172,737.00 Berke, Andy Mayor $163,445.53 Hinton, Wade City Attorney $150,794.03 Madison, Daisy W Administrator City Finance Officer $144,761.46 Roddy, David T Police Chief $137,500.00 Hill, Corinne M. Director Library $132,889.35 Sullivan, Maura B Chief Operating Officer $132,647.81 Noblett, Phillip A. Deputy City Attorney $132,027.

15Colby, Robert H (Bob) Director Air Pollution $124,737.20Sewell, Stan City Auditor $116,500.00Richardson, Stacy A. Chief of Staff $115,005.00 Jennings, Lurone Sr. Administrator Youth & Family Dev $113,095.53Bailey, Blythe H Administrator Transportation $113,095.52Williams, Donna C. Administrator ECD $113,095.52Holland, Justin C Administrator Public Works $112,914.00Messer, Brent Chief Information Officer $110,941.33VanWinkle, John W City Traffic Engineer $108,020.34Bridger, John Executive Director $105,770.29Payne, Bill City Engineer $105,697.30Sammons, Anthony O. Deputy Chief Operating Officer $102,934.70Camba, Tina R Director Human Resources $102,324.53Haley, Vickie C Deputy Administrator Finance $100,793.32Jacks, Randy L Executive Deputy Fire Chief $100,368.00Smart, Brian H Manager Financial Operations $99,663.32Hundt, Karen Ann Director Design Center $99,163.86Patrick, Michael C Director Waste Resources $98,961.47Forshee, Fredia Fay Budget Officer $98,068.27Malueg, Valerie Leanne Staff Attorney 2 $98,005.51Hutsell, Sherry L Head Start EHS Director $97,293.76Allen, Charita D Deputy Administrator Econ Dev $94,000.00Malone, Denny L Jr Assistant City Engineer $93,725.26Stone, Donald Deputy Administrator Public Works $93,439.00McPherson, Edwin D Assistant ...

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