Wednesday, August 30, 2017 08:35 AM


Crabtree Farms takes the concept of urban farming to brand new heights

With the food scene in the South booming to uncharted heights over the past several years, lots of focus is being paid to the exquisite natural ingredients available in Americas new culinary hotspot.

The days of Southern food being implicated solely as deep-fried, heart-clogging junk are dwindling quickly. A new age of chefs, artisans, and farmers have inadvertently become trailblazers as they begin the journey to develop our place on the global scale.

This reincarnation has caused the need for locality in ingredients and purveyorship. People are tiring of the monotony of unhealthy food options, of endless rows of soulless chain restaurants serving the same five or six frozen dishes. They are pushing back against large-scale monocropping and unkind animal slaughter factories.

A new desire is igniting to rekindle relationships with the South of the past, the food of our ancestors, and the recipes of our great grandparents. Enter Crabtree Farms: a true bastion of locally sourced ingredients.

When I arrived for my first visit last year I thought for sure that I was lost. This isnt the first time that my conniving GPS has led me astray. But there it is, ...

News source: Chattanooga Pulse

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