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Most every photographer in Raleigh knows this: If you want a shot of downtown, you go to the roads south of town. From there you can capture a perfect view of the clustered skyscrapers to the north.

But few people ever turn to look in the opposite direction, toward South Raleigh. Crisscrossed by huge roads and overshadowed in parts by silvery industrial smokestacks, the south side has been slower to redevelop than any of downtown’s other wings.

Many houses here sell for far less than $100,000, even as a downtown prices have surged in every other direction.

And that’s all likely to change.

South Raleigh is a final frontier for central Raleigh’s redevelopment – and gentrification – and new buyers are laying their claims ever faster.

“Basically, what I told my Realtor was, ‘Find me a rundown, freestanding building close to downtown,’” Jeremiah Smith said.

In 2013, he bought a warehouse on South Saunders. Now his property is home to his eco-minded pest management company, his wife’s gourmet mushroom business and a man who makes beer taps from antlers, among other things.

Down the road, a surge of new investment could create a satellite of downtown. The owners of Trophy Brewing & Pizza Co. have put $2.3 ...

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