Monday, April 10, 2017 11:56 AM


Monday, April 10, 2017 - by Mike Croxall, president, Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga

The fitness levels of many of us tend to wane during the fall and winter seasons, and then a renewed motivation comes each spring as we endeavor to get ourselves beach ready. Similarly, a home endures a variety of harsh elements during the winter months, and springtime is a great opportunity to get it back into shape.

The spring maintenance to-do list can be quite long for some in the Chattanooga region, but the good news is that many of the items on the list can be completedor at least initiatedby the home owners themselves. The following are a handful of critical areas to assess as you prep for the warm weather ahead.

Air Tightness. Take a look at all of your windows and doors for drafts and air leaks. Caulk any seams and re-glaze windows if needed. Its a good idea to clean all of your windows, inside and out, including the screens. Replacing any worn weather-stripping around doors will help keep cool air in the house and your electric bills down.

Air Quality. Consider hiring a professional to clean your ducts where dust and air-borne ...

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