Wednesday, March 29, 2017 05:25 PM


A class assignment Linda Dallas has in mind for her Saint Augustines University visual arts students could refocus our attention on what has been a long-awaited rebirth of the historic Saint Agnes Hospital site.

Dallas wants her students to create a piece of artwork to honor the past, present and future of Saint Agnes, which was a training ground for black doctors and nurses and the only well-equipped hospital for African-Americans between Washington, D.C., and New Orleans for 65 years until it closed in 1961.

A public art project and an exhibition will help raise money for the project.

Envision Saint Agnes on April 8 will be a daylong event for local artists to bring cameras or crayons, pencils or paint, sketch pads or canvas to create art inspired by the historic landmark in Southeast Raleigh.

Participants can also simply watch the artists at work, learn some history and crank up creative thinking.

It will be an opportunity to energize the community around Saint Agnes, to learn about the life of this place and then to imagine or really be a catalyst to what might be next for this place, as well, said Dallas, an associate professor of visual arts at Saint Aug. ...

News source: News & Observer

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