Monday, January 09, 2017 09:00 AM


Raleigh entrepreneur Steve Mangano doesnt want to say it but hes created the anti-Yelp restaurant app.

Manganos new app, CurEat[1], is designed to help diners find the best bars and restaurants in more than 60 cities across the country. What sets it apart from other mainstream restaurants apps is it only features positive endorsements of independent restaurants and bars; so no negative reviews, no chains are included.

The inspiration for the app, which is now available in the iTunes app store, came first from Mangano wanting to cut through the clutter to find the best places to eat and drink while traveling. Second, Mangano sensed an opportunity based on conversations with those in the restaurant industry, many of whom are anti-Yelp.

I know how hard it is to put that plate on the table and then to be unfairly rated is frustrating, Mangano said in an interview last week.

Mangano is a Raleigh entrepreneur and developer who has an undergraduate degree in hospitality management and an MBA from the University of North Carolina. He worked for Hilton Hotels in New York and Miami before starting his own consulting ...

News source: News & Observer

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