Wednesday, December 21, 2016 06:19 AM


The Jump Fund sees the gap in female-led startupsand raises leaders

During the first years of GigTank, a handful of female business leaders saw a deficit of women founding companies in Chattanoogas start-up scene. So, naturally they formed a startup themselves to change that.

The Jump Fund was founded in 2013 as an angel venture capital fund and started investing in early-stage startups the next year. There are 50 investors and six general partners: managing director Kristina Montague, Cory Allison, Betsy Blunt Brown, Shelley Prevost, Tiffanie Robinson and Stefanie Crowe.

None of the founders had a good explanation for the lack of women in startups. After researching ways to reduce that gap, they decided Chattanooga had plenty of programs and mentors to help potential female founders, but dedicated venture capital was the missing piece.

Our guy friends who were already active as angel investors told us directly that they werent seeing the female-led deals and they werent certain there would be enough of a pool or pipeline to draw from, says Crowe. I actually heard from a few guys that focusing on women was niche, which sounds crazy since we are half the population. But with ratios of female participation so low at ...

News source: Chattanooga Pulse

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