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For a decade, Main Street in Chattanooga has transformed into an enormous 24-hour block party every December.

And with more than 120 events scheduled[1], Saturday's Mainx24[2] festival promises to be one of the biggest celebrations yet.

Mainx24 is a celebration of Chattanooga's revitalized Main Street and Southside area. This year's event begins at 8 a.m. Saturday and continues through 8 a.m. Sunday. Attendance is free, although some charges apply to specific events.

A full overview of the events can be found here[3].

But all the activity can be overwhelming. That's why breaks down the variety of activities/events into digestible guides each year. By no means comprehensive, these guides are meant to offer a sampling of the variety that is Mainx24.

We'll split the guides into different categories. Later this week, we'll discuss music, family events and the weirdest activities available (there are plenty).

This first guide highlights the essential, marquee events that are the backbone of the Mainx24 festival each year.

Mainx24 pancake breakfast[4]The official start ...

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