Wednesday, November 09, 2016 02:09 PM


Officer Mark Kaylor's case was in court on Wednesday for status in follow up to the mistrial last week and all charges against Officer Kaylor were dismissed by the District Attorney's Office.

Officer Kaylor's attorney Lee Davis said, "Last week a jury heard proof and deliberated for over 10 hours in the aggravated assault allegation involving Red Bank Police Officer Mark Kaylor. Despite best efforts, the jury was unable to reach a verdict. The case was put on the docket today for status.

"Over the intervening days we have heard from several jurors who indicated that the jury was overwhelmingly in favor of acquittal for Officer Mark Kaylor. Today, District Attorney Neal Pinkston dismissed all charges.

"We agree with today's decision by the District Attorney's Office. There is no additional proof that could be submitted to a second jury. We also understand that the facts of this case required a jury determination.

"On behalf of Officer Mark Kaylor, I want to thank our jury and acknowledge support of DA Pinkston's decision to dismiss today."

Former Red Bank Police Department patrolman Mark Kaylor had been charged for using improper and/or excessive force in 2014 while trying to subdue a suspect and take ...

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