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With September being Prostate Awareness Month, its important to know that as men age, they become more at-risk of developing prostate cancer. Thats why studies show prostate cancer is most common in, but not exclusive to, men older than 65.

We dont really know what causes this disease, but studies tell us a mans age, family history and race especially if youre African American strongly influence a mans chances of developing prostate cancer, said Dr. Farah M. Brasfield, regional chief of oncology with Kaiser Permanente Southern California.

Men of a younger age can still get prostate cancer, which is why its important to discuss testing for prostate cancer with your doctor, Dr. Brasfield continued. This is especially true since there typically are no symptoms in the early stages of prostate cancer. And, as is the case with other types of cancers, treatment works best with early diagnosis.

Aside from non-melanoma skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Its also one of the leading causes of cancer death among men of all races

What is Prostate Cancer?

Located just below the bladder, the prostate gland produces part of ...

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