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When youre involved in any sort of sport, your risk for injury increases. Were not getting spinal cord injuries sitting on the couch (although many people do get them as a result of sitting in a car.

And the spine is a part of the human body that we dont completely appreciate until theres a problem. In this post, were going to touch on the importance of spinal cord protection and seven things you can do to prevent injury.

The importance of spinal cord protection

When you injure most other body parts, you know exactly whats going to happen. You sprain your ankle, and youll have trouble walking for a time. Break your arm, and youll have some pain before you need to reset the bone. You also know theres always a chance that your body wont function 100 percent in the way it did before.

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But an injury to the spinal cord is entirely different. Its almost as if anything can go wrong, depending on the location and severity of the injury.

An injury to the spinal cord can cause irreversible changes to strength, sensation, and bodily function. This is why its crucial to protect your spine from injury at ...

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