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Summer is about vacations, sunny days and outdoor activities. And this leads to constant exposure to the intense rays of the sun for long periods and results in eye problems. Ideally, one should avoid the sun after 10 am and only go outdoors after 4 pm, because the interim is when the rays are harshest. But since you can't hide indoors and need to brave the sun, here are some eye-care tips that could ensure a healthier Summerholiday.Eye drops can help minimise problemsEye drops can help but one must use them only after consulting a qualified ophthalmologist. "Eyes tend to dry out in summer for some people and so, lubricating drops are required. Ideally, the drops should be preservative free," says ophthalmic surgeon Dr Keiki Mehta.Why you need to do thisPeople, who are recovering from eye surgeries or disorders or have allergies, need eye drops. Dry eyes could be a symptom of something serious, too, so consulting a doctor is essential.Wide-brimmed hats offer protectionSunglasses, even the wrap-around ones, have gaps to let in harmful rays and they are not good enough when it comes to thorough protection from UV rays, unless accompanied with a wide-brimmed hat.Why you need ...

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