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It is often said that our eyes are the gateway to our soul. Although this may be true, your eyes can reveal much more than that. Eyes not only provide us with the ability to see, but they can also tell us what’s going on inside our bodies.

Whether these are the matters of the heart, the mind, or the nerves, our eyes have the ability to show us serious health concerns even before we start to experience any symptoms at all. Since early detection is key, make an appointment with your eye doctor and get checked.

Here are a few health issues your eyes will reveal…Health conditions your eyes can reveal


Glaucoma, cataracts, and retinopathy (a disorder of the retina) are all eye health issues brought on by diabetes. But even before that, diabetes itself can be diagnosed through an eye exam.

The procedure is done by an ophthalmologist dilating the eye with drops. This allows the doctor to get a full picture of what is going on in your eye. They are looking for abnormal blood vessels, swelling and fat deposits, retinal detachment, and abnormalities in your optic nerve.

Why exactly does diabetes reveal itself in the eyes? Well, according to ...

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