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Arts at Erlanger invites patients, family members, staff and visitors to awaken their senses this spring through performances by Andy Tallent on Wednesday, the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra (CSO) String Quintet on April 10 and Scenic City Dance on April 19 in the Erlanger Medical Mall. All performances begin at noon.

Mr. Tallenthas spent most of his life at the piano. Throughout the past 40 years, he has developed his unique touch allowing him to be at home creating peaceful piano compositions of modern instrumental pieces. He is a classically trained pianist who has also developed roots in jazz, gospel and modern worship. His performance on Wednesday will take place at the piano by the A elevators in the Erlanger Medical Mall.

The CSO String Quintet will perform on April 10 when they will fill the Medical Mall with music. The quintet is composed of principal members of the orchestra. A long-standing entity of the CSO, their years of service range from five to thirty-seven years. The CSO quintets perform in local schools and a variety of community locations including libraries, hospitals, public parks, senior centers, and Chattanooga businesses. As some of the finest musicians in the area, the quintet members teach at ...

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