Wednesday, March 13, 2019 07:21 PM


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) How often do we see a storm of the century?

When it comes to tornadoes, flooding and hurricanes, we have been seeing them a lot more frequently than once every hundred years.

But not so for snow storms.

It has now been 26 years since the Blizzard of 93.

And we havent seen any storm even half as bad since then.

Our area saw from 17 inches to 2 feet of snow. But to be honest, the snow drifts were so extreme, who really knows!

And we werent ready for so much snow.

I 75 was shut down, and motorists stranded. Residents were cut off in their home for days. Mountain communities for even longer. Metal buildings, like the Sams Warehouse, collapsed. Chicken houses all over North Georgia also collapsed. Power was out for tens of thousands, some for weeks. And neighbors helped neighbors to get through. (Here is an 8:00 look at the storm.[1])

This year for the anniversary, we bring back a story from the first anniversary on March 13, 1994. Jonathan Panker told us more stories from the storm and what had been learned. (video above). And he asks a forecaster with the ...

News source: WDEF

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